Services We Offer

Freedom HR provides custom HR solutions for your business in the most flexible and value driven way.

Workplace Efficiency

We provide workplace coaching across all levels of the business, helping individuals reach their potential and achieve workplace success.

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Organisational and Structural Redesign

We support businesses with reshaping and realigning their business model and structure to adapt to the rapidly changing world we live in.

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Career Enhancement Services

Career transitioning can be a daunting experience. We can help you gain confidence and find your potential, landing you the job you desire.

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Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

Our team of specialists are dedicated to finding you professionals with the right skills and attitude that will help take your business to the next level.

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General HR Support

We provide a range of generalist HR and people administration support. Whether it’s over the phone, via email or in person, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to assist your business.

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Managing Performance

When your organisation gets performance management right, your people will work together cohesively to reach your companies objectives.

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We’re here to help

At Freedom HR we become an invaluable resource within your business, teaming up as your HR expert and freeing you to concentrate on other areas of your business. We offer a scalable and cost-effective solution and become your friend and trusted advisor.

Farah Mody – Director

Our values and pillars that underpin our service

Human Centric

Your people are CORE to what we do and we ensure every solution we provide is tailored to the individual.


We build REAL relationships with you so you know you can trust us and the advice we give.


We’re enablers of genuine performance GROWTH across teams and individuals.


We’re on a mission to make specialist HR strategy and support ACCESSIBLE and affordable for all businesses.


We’ve got the intel and the KNOWLEDGE to guide you and your business to success.

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